To build up on the success of its predecessor, Standard Chartered asked us to revamp the design of their existing Huddle web application tailored for iPhone, as well as to port it to the iOS platform by turning it into native iPhone and iPad apps.

Huddle is an internal application distributed among the staff and invited guests during conferences, seminars and other events organized by the bank. It lets users attend multiple conferences from a single location, get connected and stay connected with other participants, vote on topics and get in on the action by sharing your thoughts and ideas. To ensure every user gets an equal chance to participate and contribute, we designed and developed an accompanying Huddle website that fully replicated the functionality of the mobile apps and extended the user experience to the web browser.

Huddle comes with a whole suite of tools from Back Office applications, which allow creating and managing conference content, to multi-screen projection tools used to display streams of tweets and poll results during events, all in real-time.